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We’re recruiting alpha testers!

If you have diabetes, own an Android phone and would like to be part of an exciting research project get in touch!

Email us at


A new way to measure health in diabetes.

Living with diabetes sometimes seems all about the numbers. Blood sugar, grams of carbs, units of insulin, kg of weight.


But what about you? 


At Outcomes Based Healthcare we are designing a better measure of your health based on things that matter to you. These are called ‘outcomes’ and we work with health systems to rebuild care around them.


Outcomes can be a measure of your quality of life, how confident you feel in managing your diabetes, or how much it disrupts your life. Whether you can enjoy a meal with friends, or are well enough to look after your family.

How do we measure your outcomes?

At the moment outcomes are only sometimes measured with long, boring paper questionnaires by our health system.


They take up too much time and only show a snapshot of your health.


We need a better way to measure your quality of life and outcomes.


Your smartphone: a window to your health.

We are testing whether your smartphone could hold the answer.


When we are sick or unhappy we use our phones differently.


There are built in sensors in your phone that measure everything from movement, how fast your walk, the way you hold your phone, how often you use your phone to when you connect to Wifi, and Bluetooth and even the temperature of the air.


If we look at all of the data using new intelligent machine learning algorithms, we can build a picture of how your diabetes is impacting you.

sense360 screen outcomes


Contribute to science.

Join our research project and help us create a better measure of outcomes that matter to people with diabetes.


Every single person who joins will help us push the boundaries of science with their data.


Submit data.

The study lasts just 4 weeks. We’ll ask you a few short questions every day and collect data from the sensors in your phone.


Our researchers will look for a relationship between your survey answers and the patterns in the way you use your phone.


View the results.

At the end of the study, we’ll share the results with you.


By seeing how things change day-to-day and impact your life you may get a better insight into your health.

How the study works.

You’ll need an Android phone, such as a Samsung, Nokia or Motorola amongst others (version 4.1 or later).


The app will take you through the consent process (you can download a copy of the consent form here).


Over 4 weeks we’re ask you a few questions on the app each day. They shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to answer. We’ll collect data from the sensors on your phone in the background.


We’re currently in development, if you would like to find out more or take part sign up to our mailing list below.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 19.01.34

Join the OBH Sense360 Diabetes Project.


To take part you must be:


  • Over 18 years old
  • Diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes
  • Able to read written English
  • An owner of an Android smartphone
  • Resident in England


The study will begin in Spring 2016, and you can join any time from the start of the research period.


Sign up below to be notified of the launch:

Want us to email you when the study is launched? Sign up here:

* indicates required
Don´t worry, we won´t spam you, we´ll only let you know when we´re starting the study. We won´t rent, sell or barter your email address to third parties.

We are a team of clinicians, economists and data scientists passionate about improving outcomes and quality of life for people with diabetes.

Who are OBH?



OBH stands for Outcomes Based Healthcare.


OBH are experts in defining and measuring outcomes. We offer specialist advice, tools and technology to help commissioners and providers make a reality of outcomes-based contracts tailored to specific populations and pathways.


We are a team of clinicians, developers, data scientists, NHS data analysts, economists, product specialists who share a deep commitment to supporting sustainable healthcare, where what matters to patients is the measure of success. We are based in Old St at the heart of London’s TechCity.


We are unique in the fact that outcomes are our passion and our sole focus. We have led the way in promoting value-based healthcare in the UK, and are regularly invited to speak in national and local forums. What marks us out is the variety of perspectives we are able to bring to the challenge, the depth of specialist knowledge that underpins our robust methodologies and the tools and technology we are developing to facilitate outcomes measurement and prediction.


Find out more at

Protecting your privacy



We take lots of steps to protect you, complying fully with international privacy laws.


Data collected from the study will be associated with a random study code (encrypted). This code is stored separately from any personally identifying information. When data is transferred it will be encrypted so others cannot interpret the data or associate it back to you. The encrypted data will be sent to secure data servers in the UK.


Your anonymised data will only be shared securely with OBH researchers directly involved with carrying out this study. The data will not be made available to other researchers or any third parties. If ever these terms change we’ll come back and check with you via email. The general results may be presented at research conferences or in publications, but only anonymous study data will be used.


You can download a copy of the information leaflet and consent form here which contains all the details you need.

Frequently Asked Questions



Do I need to change any settings on my phone?

You might need to allow the app access to some of the sensors. Your phone will prompt you to do this if needed. 


Will the app use up my battery?

Don’t worry! We’ve designed the app so it should only use a small amount of power, much like a simple messaging app.


Will the app use my data allowance?
No, the app only uploads when you are connected to Wifi. Try to connect at lease once a day.


Will taking part in the study affect my treatment or care?

No, taking part in the study or withdrawing from it will not affect your treatment or care in any way. We hope that the data gathered will improve diabetes care in the future, but this has no direct relationship to your care.


Are there any risks involved?

As with any smartphone app, use your common sense and follow laws about when and where you use your smartphone. Do not use the app while driving or doing any other activities which could result in injury – wait until you are in a safe place.